Pre-Conference Workshops & Site Tours: Tuesday, 11 July 2017


0:00 AM - 0:00 AM AGL Energy and Mirvac at 200 George Street

Henry Lee, Facilities and Property Manager, AGL Energy , ,
200 George Street by Mirvac is one of a new breed of office buildings, rejecting the alienation of the cold metallic box in favor of a warm, more human form. This interactive site visit begins with a guided tour of the new AGL Energy offices and then of the Mirvac offices within the same building. Interactive discussions alongside the tour will also be welcome, looking at the beneficial changes of the new workplace on each organization’s culture.

The guided tour will discuss:
  • The reason for transitioning into a modernised environment
  • The challenges and barriers that need to be overcome with the transition
  • Insights into effective technology and systems that enhance workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Heatmapping, AV and analytics to ensure continuous improvement of the workplace
  • Creating an environmentally sustainable workplace whilst maximising space utilisation

Henry Lee

Facilities and Property Manager
AGL Energy


0:00 AM - 0:00 AM RaboBank

Globally, Rabobank were one of the first to rollout ABW 15 years ago for their European offices and have recently completed their new Sydney ABW workspaces in May 2016. This Masterclass will bring together the key stakeholders from corporate real estate and workplace strategy team at RaboBank and the architects from Geyry to discuss the entire design and development process for the new workplace.

You will learn first hand:
  • How to effectively analyse your company culture before transitioning into agile workplaces to create a clear roadmap and outcome
  • Discovering and integrating suitable amenities and technologies that align with company culture
  • Tackling the difference and splits in culture towards ABW and how to create a workplace that facilitates different working styles to benefit the productivity of the organisation
  • Maximising opportunities for cohabitation, shared space and co-location to create open communication and collaboration that will influence an effective support system


0:00 AM - 0:00 AM Overcoming Cultural Issues & Effective Change Management Implementation For the Agile Workplace

Peter Stansfield, Senior Change Manager - Evolving Our Workplace, Qantas
Change management is seen as one of the most influential factors driving the transformation of workplaces. Workplaces are driven by the team that takes them through the journey, and with a changing landscape, it is essential that management is with their employees every step of the way.
With many organisations being driven by efficiency and productivity to take the step into the next generation workplace, Many also need to be aware that employees will only be encouraged to take that step if it is championed and pioneered by the right style of management. Peter was the Key Program Manager for the rollout of the QBE European Headquarters which has recently been shortlisted for the prestigious Britain Council Offices Award and will share their journey.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Assessing and ensuring that business needs and employee needs are aligned in the workplace transformation plan
  • How to deliver the right style of motivation, engagement and confidence when implementing the change
  • Exploring strategies for how to invest in skill building programs to effectively train employees in the new environment to help increase work productivity
  • Educating and facilitating the direction of the workplace to raise awareness of the benefits of shifting towards ABW

Peter Stansfield

Senior Change Manager - Evolving Our Workplace

Thinking about Teams in our Workplaces

0:00 AM - 0:00 AM Human Needs and the Living Office

Laura Hassan, Workplace Strategy and Change Consultant, Lendlease
Workshop D will explore the intersection of designed space and high performing teams in our modern context.
The workshop will cover
§ A brief journey through the evolution of Lendlease’s “Team Based Working” model and how the project team at Lendlease applied behavioural, design, technology and wellbeing approaches to delivering our Nextplace Barangaroo Head Office and beyond.
§ Some of the strategies the Nextplace project used to support teams and leaders in our new working environment, reinvigorating the conversation in flexibility, agility and performance.
§ A snap shot of current research and thinking on teams, culture, design and workforce trends
§ An opportunity to discuss and learn from each other how these challenges can be worked through in our current worlds.
Participants will leave the workshop with insights and ideas on workplaces and how to optimise them for the talented and dynamic teams who work in them.

Laura Hassan

Workplace Strategy and Change Consultant